and of the Cadre of the CMC

All are welcomed to take the following vows:

I acknowledge that selfishness is a component of every human being that must be conquered and overcome in order to sustain life and experience true joy and fulfillment.  I acknowledge the damage that untamed selfishness has caused in the world throughout history, and in my own life, and in the lives of those around me.  I believe that all human beings are connected and have a responsibility to tolerate each other and to actively care for each other, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.  I acknowledge that my own selfishness is the fundamental obstacle that prevents me from doing my greatest good.  I recognize that selfishness is manifest in my lower levels of consciousness, which includes anger, fear, sorrow and hatred.

I acknowledge my own tendencies to act out of my own selfishness, even though I do not want to.

I vow to dedicate my life to always do my best to observe myself and take criticism from others with patience and open-mindedness, in order to manage and overcome my own selfishness in all of its manifestations.  I vow to develop my ability to manage my emotional energy and harness the energies of sadness, fear, anger and hatred, converting them into constructive energy and passion.

I vow to seek out my own selfishness, throughout every day, for the rest of my life, and to take action that is contrary to selfish action whenever I become aware of my acting out of selfishness.  I vow to seek the forgiveness of others and to offer and make reasonable restitution for my own acts of selfishness whenever I can.

I agree to patiently endure and take a stand against the selfishness of others by using the tools of forgiveness, loving kindness, and compassion, in order to change for the better both my own consciousness and practices, and those of the other people of the world.  I agree that in all cases I shall start with myself and be the change that I want to see in others.

I understand that recognizing and taming selfishness is a lifelong mission, which I will undertake every moment of every day, to the best of my abilities. I agree to take a stand, and to take action, for those who are discarded, defenseless, hopeless, lost, oppressed or forgotten, because their condition is the byproduct of the selfishness of us all.

I agree to work in fulfilling this entire mission with respect, tolerance, forgiveness and love with warm consideration for all people, at all times, including myself. I commit to being a source of goodness for everyone.