The CMC is a for profit humanitarian sustainable business project. Donations in the form of non-tax deductible crowd funding can be made directly to the CMC by clicking here or by donating directly into any of the CMC Missions by visiting their websites the links for which can be found on the MISSIONS page.

For methods to donate visit the website of any of the CMC Missions or call us directly to make arrangements to donate.  For those who require their donations be tax deductible or be made to a registered charity the WriteAwayFoundation is a mission of the CMC and is also a 501(c)(3) registered charity and donations to that mission are tax deductible.

Businesses may also buy advertising space on our website which in most cases is a tax deductible business expense. Purchase of advertising on our website or on the websites of any of our missions helps to support and fulfill the Missions of the CMC.

NOTICE: The restrictions placed on corporations who apply and receive Non-Profit status would not enable the CMC to achieve its goals and thus it simply operates as a private, for profit organization which serves a humanitarian mission.