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Write Away Foundation (501c3 Non-Profit) www.WriteAwayFoundation.Org

A 501(c)(3) registered non-profit that seeks to help the disadvantaged by promoting education and health through the creation of media. This includes books, music, poetry, film and art. The Write Away Foundation assists disadvantaged creators, writers and artists to gain access to the tools, education and support they need to create. It’s “Write Now” program seeks to equip prisons (around the world) with educational equipment essential for writing such as word processors and in some case basic writing materials such as pencils and paper.  This project not only reduces violence in prisons and creates opportunities for prisoners to take correspondence college level courses, but may lead to increased education the development of jobs for those who leaving prison which may help to reduce recidivism.  The target market is also broad enough to include handicapped and other oppressed or otherwise disadvantaged writers and producers of music, art and film around the world.

Write For Right www.WriteForRight.Com

Write For Right
A for profit humanitarian based sustainable publishing company that sources talent from from the disadvantaged community of people discovered by the Write Away Foundation and through other sources. This business has an online store with books and music, movies and other merchandise. As part of its participation in the “Right Now” project it is featuring works by ex-offenders. The initial product launch of Write For Right includes the controversial book “Dot Money” which purports to hold the key to introducing a new age of global economic stability and to end poverty.

DotMoney the Global Currency Reserve (GCR) www.DotMoney.Cashwww.GlobalCurrencyReserve.Com
The GCR’s Dot Money project is a potential solution to end poverty and stabilize the global economy through the introduction of a new virtual and community currency set to launch in June of 2016. The GCR is attempting to work with over 27 governments and their associated reserve banks to help usher in the next age of global economics, prosperity through a new monetary policy. Like the U.S. Federal Reserve, “Dot Money” is an entirely private sector solution. There is a government contracting engineering company who has accepted the role of primary contractor for the software development which involves groups from all over the world. The implications of this project are far reaching and include the provision of a monthly living allowance being provided for every person in the world on or before the year 2030.

EricMajors.com EricMajors.com

Eric Majors Eric Majors TV

Eric Majors is a believer, the creator of the CMC, a Missionary of the Order of One Spirit, an author and human rights activist and a Professional Certified Consciousness Coach that specializes in coaching of individuals and groups, in particular Pastors, Clergy and their staff. Mr. Majors develops and delivers coaching curriculums targeted for the Missionaries of the Combined Missions Campaign and other public figures.  Mr. Majors uses EricMajors.TV as a platform to provide commentary and coaching to the general public on a number of contemporary and controversial topics that encourage and teach people how to look more deeply into issues in order to take positions based on higher values rather than giving into their lower levels of consciousness.

Mr. Majors also creates and facilitates programs that provide support to those facing issues involving incarceration and re-entry. More specifically: Those who are about to be incarcerated, family and friends of those currently incarcerated, those who have been released and are re-entering society, friends and family members of those re-entering society. Delivering resources designed to: Help people cope with the difficulties of incarceration in constructive ways, provide tools and resources that help families stay together, guide those who have been released to a successful rebuilding plan for their lives, offer stories of success and motivation from voices of experience.