To manage and overcome our own selfishness in all of its manifestations and to patiently endure and take a stand against the selfishness of others by using forgiveness, loving kindness and compassion in order to change the consciousness and practices of ourselves and the people of the world for the better.

Human selfish nature is at the root of every sin and every departure from values (and God) that leads to suffering and death for all people, spiritually, physically mentally and literally. Unmanaged selfishness actually defeats the very comfort it seeks to feel which is damaging not only to the practitioner but to others. By focusing on awareness of selfishness that arises on triggering events the human being can more easily manage, control and diminish selfishness for the betterment of themselves and humanity.

Christians, believers and non-believers who are serious about adopting a lifestyle that emphasizes the overcoming of their own selfishness and who may be able to be “saved” from their own selfish nature and help bring similar life to others.

Grow Our Numbers

Recruiting and empowering individuals to take on the mission and/or become missionaries for the CMC’s “Order of One Spirit” to work on the mission of overcoming selfishness in their own lives first, as well as in their homes, their local communities and around the world.

Grow Our Work

Developing, launching and supporting self sustaining for-profit businesses that are committed to achieving and sustaining humanitarian goals as well as non-profit missions.

Grow Awareness

Exposing issues and taking a stand for those disadvantaged groups and individuals who cannot help or defend themselves including, the poor, those who are oppressed, those who are in prison, those who have been cast out of our mainstream society and those who have been forgotten and for whom it is difficult to care. All disadvantaged people are the byproducts of all of our selfishness.

Exposing the plight and taking a stand for those who are disadvantaged is necessary because in most cases people become disadvantaged as a direct result of the selfishness of others, including ourselves. The responsibility to care for people no matter how difficult the job may appear resides with each and every one of us and the only barrier for us to commit to help is often our own selfish nature.

Want To Help?

There are many ways to help us. We are all too grateful for any assistance.

The Missions

The CFC has many non-profit and for-profit self sustainable missions. Click here to our latest list.